About This Site

LysineArginineGuide.com was created as a resource for anyone who is interested in preventing herpes outbreaks naturally. (This includes outbreaks related to other members of the herpes virus family, including shingles and Epstein Barr.)

This site contains information about high lysine, low arginine protein powders, lists of foods that are high in lysine and low in arginine, and even information about which foods cause herpes-related outbreaks.

A message from the Author

Hi! I’m the Lysine-Arginine Blogger. I am not a doctor or heathcare professional. I’m just a regular person who learned the hard way that too much arginine causes herpes outbreaks, and found real solutions that have worked for me to prevent outbreaks for years.

My mission is to share everything I’ve learned with as many people as possible, to prevent them from going through the same pain and suffering I did. Because once you know what to do, you won’t have to suffer anymore!

The author has also created a 60+ page quick reference guide called, The Lysine vs Arginine Food Ratio Charts.

The guide provides data extracted from the USDA Food Data Central, consolidated to just the most pertinent information: each food’s lysine to arginine ratio.

This guide is a huge time-saver for anyone looking to prevent a herpes outbreak through dietary choices (just like the author was able to accomplish).

All nutritional info shared on this site is taken directly from the USDA Food Data Central.

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The Lysine Arginine Food Ratio Charts are now available IN PRINT on AMAZON!