The Lysine-Arginine Survival Guide: How to Prevent Cold Sores and Herpes Outbreaks Naturally [eBOOK]

If you just found out you have herpes and you’re thinking, “Now what??” or you’ve had herpes for a while and are frustrated because you’re still having outbreaks, my eBook The Lysine-Arginine Survival Guide can help you get on the path to an outbreak-free life!

The Lysine-Arginine Survival Guide is my no-nonsense guidebook born from my own personal experience of living with herpes for many years.

It’s overflowing with the information, answers, and resources you’ve been searching for.

Learn how you can stop breaking out and get on with living your life again! I did it and you can too.

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In The Lysine-Arginine Survival Guide, you will learn:

  • Must-know info about herpes and why you have to understand its connection to Lysine and Arginine if you want to prevent herpes outbreaks for good (don’t worry, it’s easy to understand!).
  • Suggested foods to EAT and which foods to AVOID so you can stop those horrible herpes outbreaks and get back to living your life again.
  • Some surprising things many people don’t know can trigger outbreaks. These things might be part of your life and causing you outbreaks without you even realizing it. (It’s more than just certain foods!)
  • The supplements and topical treatment options that I highly recommend AND the ones I recommend you avoid at all costs. (Yes, some supplements can CAUSE herpes outbreaks. Ask me how I know!!)
  • My absolute BEST advice for thriving with herpes, including my “5 Steps to an Outbreak-Free Life” PLUS a special mention of a little-known way to heal at the root level that could change your life forever.

Listen, you are not dirty or broken just because you have the herpes virus, and you definitely don’t have to suffer with constant outbreaks.

Grab this ebook today and get yourself on the path to healing ASAP.

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Yes, YOU CAN live free from Herpes outbreaks!

Are you wondering if what I’m saying is really true? That you can actually live a life free from outbreaks? I can assure you it’s absolutely true because I did it myself!

I was diagnosed with herpes (HSV-1 Genital – yay so fun) back in 2012. As you can imagine, I was absolutely devastated both mentally and emotionally, and proceeded to have constant herpes outbreaks, one right after the other, for months and then honestly, years.

It. Was. A-W-F-U-L.

I researched profusely online, tried a bunch of different supplements, and even spent $67 on a stupid book that claimed it had the cure for herpes but turned out to be a total scam! (Apparently the titles of “Dr.” and “scammer” are not mutually exclusive.)

However, I didn’t give up and after YEARS of researching and testing things out on my own, I finally figured it out. I finally figured out how to stop having constant herpes outbreaks. Now it’s your turn!

Note: While I’m definitely not opposed to medicine, the information I’m sharing with you in The Lysine-Arginine Survival Guide is primarily focused on education and providing you with the natural techniques and solutions that have worked fantastically well for me and so many of my readers over the years.

In my opinion, medicine is great and definitely has its place, but if there are things we can do naturally to prevent outbreaks, why not try that first?

What this book IS and what it ISN’T

This book is NOT:

  • Written by a doctor, a licensed nutritionist, or anyone with a really cool, fancy title.
  • A textbook that contains the answer to every question ever asked or that ever will be asked about Herpes, Lysine, and Arginine.
  • Formally written in perfect English, with formal grammar, and perfect punctuation.

This book IS:

  • Written by a regular gal who has gone through the pain and suffering of having herpes herself and wants to help prevent or eliminate it for as many others as she can.
  • A complete starter guide for anyone with herpes who is just learning about herpes as well as the lysine-arginine connection, to make their lives easier and give them a clear path forward.
  • Casually written in plain language with my quirky sense of humor sprinkled in for good measure.

Are you ready to be outbreak-free?
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Here’s the Truth

Herpes doesn’t have to stop you from living a completely healthy, happy life. If you are suffering with herpes outbreaks, then you are very simply missing some key pieces of knowledge and information.

That’s it, plain and simple!

The Lysine-Arginine Survival Guide HAS that knowledge and information and I am not charging you a ridiculous $67 price like I paid all those years ago for a stupid scam book that was a bunch of BS crap.

This book is $9.99 because I want it to be affordable and attainable for whoever needs it.

Also, everything that’s in this eBook, you can absolutely find yourself by doing exactly what I did: spend a LOT of time researching online, watching educational videos, reading hundreds of message board posts, sifting through countless articles and blog posts, then trying to figure out which ones contain factual information and which ones are crap written by low-paid content writers who don’t have herpes and have zero experience and actual knowledge, who write their articles by reading other (questionable or contradictory) articles and then just rewording what they read!! (I am a content writer, trust me, I’ve seen this first hand!! It’s crazy.)


Or you can save yourself HOURS of your life and simply grab a copy of this eBook today. Easy peasy!


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