My Current Favorite High Lysine Low Arginine Protein Powder

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Aloha fellow high-lysine protein powder seekers!

In this post I’m going to highlight my NEW FAVORITE protein powder and tell you why I switched.

In my first post, I tell the whole story of how this blog came about and the name of the first protein powder I found that had a good ratio of lysine to arginine.

However, since that post, I’ve gotten recommendations from blog readers of other great options and found one that I like EVEN BETTER than that first one, so it’s now my top recommendation. It’s called Levels Whey Protein. (Info below.)

It tastes WAY better than the first one I recommended, it’s cheaper, and you want me to be totally honest?? The company didn’t IGNORE ME when I sent them emails asking them to confirm and verify their amino acid profile.

​Yep, that’s right. I emailed the company for the first protein powder that I recommended and I STILL have not received a response. The email was actually a follow up to a phone call that I personally made to their company because I had additional questions after speaking with one of their reps who didn’t sound super confident in her answers to me (even after she put me on hold – “to confirm” the info she was giving me). So, I’m sure everything is legit, but the crappy customer service left a bad taste in my mouth. (Pun definitely intended.)

A few months later, one of our readers recommended another high lysine/low arginine protein powder called Levels. However, before I purchased it myself, I emailed the company asking them the same thing I asked the first company, and within a few days, I got a response! WOW! What a concept! Reply to your customers (or potential customers) when they take the time to reach out and ask questions about your products and guess what happens? You make sales and build customer loyalty. It’s a genius plan I tell you! 😀 Well that’s exactly what they did with me because I bought it right away, have been enjoying it ever since, and decided to stop promoting the previous one to my readers and promote them instead. So that’s it! You can find all of the info below. Enjoy! 🙂

Here is a picture of my container below so you can see the full amino acid profile for yourself.

High Lysine Low Arginine Protein Powder - Amino Acid Profile - Levels

Note that Levels has 2090mg of Lysine and only 700mg of Arginine. HOMERUN!! Enjoy friends!

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